Is it possible to improve sex desire by getting testosterone supplements?

Testosterone is one of the main hormones, which plays a key role in man’s health and triggers a sexual desire, production of sperm, density of bones and muscles form. Its peak at age of 30.

Low level of testosterone usually causes some problems with having less interest in sex. As a result, it can lead to some psychological problems and destroy or damage relationships with a partner. So it’s really important to note that and to begin to do something.

What is testosterone for?

There are two main sex hormones, which our bodies produce – testosterone and estrogen. They both are necessary for men and women body development, but a man’s body produces more testosterone and woman’s body, the opposite, produces more estrogen.

While the boy is growing, testosterone influences his body constantly. It plays a key role in building his muscles and growing hair on his face. Moreover, sexual desire depends on the level of testosterone and day time, since that level depends on if it’s morning or evening.

When the man reaches the age of 30, the level of testosterone starts to decrease and it affects man’s life. Usually men lose sexual desire and feel much worse. But the level of testosterone can decrease because of other factors which are also very important:

  • testicles injuries;
  • treatment of cancer;
  • disorders of the pituitary;
  • AIDS and HIV;
  • inflammatory diseases.

Low testosterone treatment

There is a big discussion about if it is helpful to get supplements which are supposed to treat low testosterone level or not. Some doctors think there is no need to get some medicine for men over 65 because their low testosterone level is a natural entity. Read more about top 11 best natural testosterone Supplements.

There are several studies which prove that hypogonadism (when your testosterone level is low) treatment can cause some other problems connected with the heart. But it is not the only side effect. The complications can occur are:

  • apnea during the sleep;
  • acne.

What else can cause low sex desire?

‘Low T’ is the main cause of low sex drive, but there are still some other issues, which can cause the problem. For example, your psychological state influence man’s libido. If you feel depressed, anxious, have stress or relationship problems you probably will have sexual problems. If you get some medication, especially opiates, beta-blockers or antidepressants it also causes the problem. Such physical characteristics as overweight or having a chronic illness decrease your sexual drive as well. In that case it is necessary to visit a doctor who will help to determine if these causes influence your libido or not and prescribe right decision of the problem.

Natural remedies

As it was mentioned above, hormone therapy can cause other problems with health. But there are several ways to maintain your testosterone by natural remedies. Be sure you get enough zinc and potassium. It would be better to get it with food, but it is also possible to take supplements which contain these elements. Don’t forget about physical exercises because they also play a role in testosterone producing. Sleep more and reduce the amount of sugar you usually eat. It’s better to change it by fruits.

Also, it’s important to accept the problem and talk to your partner about it. Don’t be afraid of visiting a doctor because if you recognize you have a problem it will be easier to treat it.