Intimacy or isolation

Psychologist Erik Erikson analyzed the experience of human being and divided it into 8 types. Each phase has a distinctive conflict and its distinctive result.

One of the stages named as intimacy against isolation. This phase indicates young people when they try to have or develop intimate or love relationship. This phase is the 6th one. Erikson believed that when people went through this stage they gained some necessary skills to achieve success then. When you are on this stage the success means to have healthful and completed relations. The failure could cause seclusion.

Where it comes from

Erikson said that intimacy is not just a sexual attraction. It could be the intimacy of any other relationships. To gain, it’s needed to share you with other people. Of course, it could be a romantic relationship in some cases. By Erikson, this phase is reached by young people when they are 19 to 40 years old. But it does not seem to be romantic relations only. It could be a time when people build and develop strong and completed relations with others. Best friends from high school could be an entire element of the intimate circle. Or they could become just a person who you knew some time ago. This is time when such separations made.

Anyway, isolation is an effort to evade any intimacy. It could happen when you are afraid of any obligations and do not wish to open yourself to somebody. At the same time, isolation could be an obstacle to develop any health relations. Or, it could when one had some kind of destroyed relationship. If you suffered from a close relationship, you could not wish any intimacy then. This could cause that you would not be opened with other people and then you would feel lonely.

From isolation to intimacy

Erikson insists on going through every phase to be a whole, advanced and mature person. Otherwise, there would be no possibility to finish other ones. For the 6th stage, you need to know how to develop and keep healthful relations. Or, the last two phases could be under the threat.

On the way from loneliness to the closeness, you should avoid a wish of ignoring other people and try to solve difficult problems of relations. You should be opened and truly with yourself and other persons. It’s quite complicated for those who want to be isolated.

The necessity of the 6th stage

Erikson said that nonfulfillment of one of the phases could cause problems after. If your feeling of self-identification (5th phase) is poor, it would be difficult to have and develop healthy relations. Moreover, long isolation could harm your psychological health. Also, researchers say that isolation could cardio disease.

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Healthy, good and close relationships are the result of development, including a sense of identification. Developing such relationships also depends on how you could communicate. It should be honest and open.