Top healthy snacks

healthy snacks

Ok parents, here are some simple ideas for healthy and easy snacks to get your kiddos feeling good and living fit.

Hard-boiled eggs

Buy two cartons of eggs and boil a dozen at the beginning of the week. Peel them ahead of time or let the kids do it for a great foods-on activity. Use ketchup to draw a smiley face on them before the little ones chow-down, and you’ll have a protein-packed as male extra snack that keeps them satisfied for hours.

Yogurt, pears, and chia

Stock up on plain yogurt (to avoid all the extra sugar that comes in flavored kind). Cut up a few pears (which are now in season and so sweet) into small wedges and place them in the oven for 30-mins at 350 degrees. Top the plain yogurt with the warm pear wedges and a sprinkle of chia seeds for a fiber and protein-filled snack that’s so delicious your kids will ask for it over and over again.

5-minute mini pizzas

We’re all guilty of popping a frozen pizza in the oven every now and again, but it’s actually very easy to prepare your own healthier version of this classic staple, and make it healthier for the kids. Using any type of bread as your “crust” (option to use gluten-free bread if desired), spread a tablespoon of pizza or tomato sauce right on top. Then, add 2 tablespoons of your fave cheese, slices of fresh tomato, peppers, and mushrooms (or any other veggie you have in the fridge), a few sprinkles of oregano and/or basil, and toast on high in the mini-bake-oven for 5-minutes. Finish with a tsp of olive oil right before serving and voilà! Even your big kids (your spouse, for example) will love them.

Last but not least, celery

Cut up celery into even sizes pieces about 3 inches long. Give each kid an equal share of celery sticks to play with. Have them stacked the tower of celery and then take turns taking out the pieces, for every time the tower falls they all have to eat a celery stick until they’re all gone. And, have a bowl with some peanut butter, so they can dip them in, this will also add protein to their fiber-rich sticks and make it a filling and fulfilling snack.

Snacks don’t have to be complicated. Giving some basics a creative spin will make it easy for your kids to grab, eat, and go.