Can Vaseline Work as a Breast Enlargement Cream?

In pursue of a bigger cup size, women sometimes choose rather weird remedies, which, nevertheless, attract numerous supporters with their simplicity and affordability. Vaseline is one of such quasi solutions. This petroleum jelly product is widely used in home medicine to moisturize the skin and heal burns, scrapes, tiny cuts etc. Being a blend of mineral oils and waxes, Vaseline does help with such problems. Lately, however, this positive reputation of the substance has been projected to breast enlargement use cases. Allegedly, the product, if applied for about 30 days, can make the breast firmer and a bit bigger. Let’s try to find out the truth.

What Vaseline Can and Cannot Do

Despite numerous claims made primarily by anonimous reviewers, there is no strict evidence supporting the product can help with getting a bigger bust. It is absolutely unclear how rubbing it on your breast daily can affect the size of the latter. Some reviewers reported the desired effect had been achieved due to mixing Vaseline and toothpaste. Once again, the statement has neither scientific explanation nor trustworthy evidence.

It is likely that those reviewers just mistook the wish for the reality. You might be feeling your breast becoming firmer only because the toothpaste dries and creates a tightening sensation on your skin. Once the remedy is washed off, you will find nothing actually has changed. This just does not work like this. Additionally, toothpaste, when applied on the nipples, can damage their tender skin.

While Vaseline and toothpaste are generally quite safe substances, allergic body reactions cannot be excluded. A runny nose, itching and sneezing are just a few characteristic signs to watch out for. Also, your breast skin may appear to be too sensitive to withstand daily contact with toothpaste’s active ingredients.

Better Alternatives

Instead of wasting your time with such weird methods, consider choosing a proven breast enlargement approach. While the cup size is mainly determined by the nature itself and a woman’s heredity, correcting natural shapes is possible to a certain extent. There are numerous topical creams over there marketed by reputable industry players. This affordable and easy-to-use option is in high demand today. Still, despite quite sophisticated formulas, most of the remedies cannot provide effectiveness superior to that of Vaseline-based blends discussed above.

If you are really committed to the idea, you should know that the only solution that can guarantee the desired result is breast enlargement surgery. This quite popular manipulation is about putting an implant under the breast skin. The major drawback of the approach is high risks related to this type of treatment, such as bruising, getting an infection, pain in breasts, residual scars, rupture and leakage of implants. Even when the surgery has been successful, the patient requires a quite long recovery period before she would be able to enjoy her new curves.